10M Anchor Test Results

3.1 Dynamic Test

For the lOM anchors, a 7 foot tall, 100 pound network bay frame was loaded with an additional 300 pounds. Two one hundred pound weights were loaded toward the bottom, and two 50 pound weights were loaded toward the top of the frame. In addition, one 50 pound weight was bolted on top of the frame to simulate the dynamic effects of overhead cable. The frame possessed a narrow foot print in the front-to-back direction of 9-15/16 inches. This results in high anchor loads during front-to-back earthquake accelerations. This test configuration is representative of a moderate-to-heavily loaded network bay frame in a Zone 4 location.

Dynamic tests of the lOM Anchors were performed in 3500 psi strength concrete. During the testing, the BSI lOM anchors had sufficient strength and dynamic resistance to restrain the network bay frame. Anchors which loosened during the shaking were retightened upon conclusion to their torque value. The maximum deflection at the top of the frame was less than 3.0 inches relative to the base.

3.2 Static Tests

The following Table summarized the static test data for the BSI lOM anchors:

10M Anchor Pull-Out Strength (lbs.)
Min Max Avg
Tensile Test 8,609 10,081 9,163
Shear Test 9,750 11,120 10,358

Note: Tests performed in 3,400 psi concrete using 2% reinforcing rod and 3/4 inch aggregate.

3.3 Conformance Summary

(R-109) Concrete expansion anchors used to base mount framework to the floor shall meet the following requirements:

• Maximum nominal embedment depth of 3.5 inches (88 mm).

• Maximum bolt diameter of 0.5 inches (12 mm).

Bellcore Conunent: The BSI 10M anchor utilizes a 10 mm bolt diameter and an embedment depth of 67 mm.

The 10M anchor CONFORMS to the TR-63 anchor dimensional requirement.

(O-110) Concrete expansion anchors used to base mount the framework to the floor should be suitable for earthquake (dynamic) applications, as specified by the manufacturer.

Bellcore Comment: The BSI 10M anchors demonstrated acceptable dynamic performance in laboratory testing. Anchors which loosened under the large dynamic loads were tightened back to their original torque values.

The 10M anchor CONFORMS with TR-63 dynamic rating objective for applied Zone 4 earthquake loads in 3500 psi concrete.

Bellcore Comment: With respect to the BSI's published specifications, reproduced in Appen& A, Bellcore has determined that:

The 10M anchor CONFORMS with BSI's published specifications for Tensile Strength.

The 10M anchor DOES NOT CONFORM with BSI's published specifications for Shear Strength.