Weidmann Industries

Dear Mr. Boykin:

Weidmann Industries has been using your Seismic Anchoring products for close to 5 years now as part of our offering to Nortel in various installation kits and assemblies.

I want to thank you personally for providing this fine product with zero complaints from Nortel.

Nortel is by far our largest customer. All of us at Weidmann Industries value their business and consider it essential to our existance. Since switching to your Anchor products over 4 years ago, Weidmann has been able to become a world class supplier to Nortel by having a most reliable product.

As you know, the installation kit can find it's way to many remote areas of the world. By giving us your best product every time you help Weidmann Industries by letting us supply a very high quality and consistent product every shipment. This helps Nortel provide the best Telecommunications products in the world.

Thank you for your great product and keep up the excellent work!


Eric T. Lane
National Sales Manager
Weidmann Industries LP