Northern Telecom

Dear Mr. Boykin,

People are always so quick to complain, but I'd like to start your day with a praise report. I would like to commend you for the excellent service that you have given our wireless organization over this past year. Such excellent service has given us the ability, to service our supply base at a level that our customers have come to like and expect.

The details are lengthy, but I want you to have a genuine appreciation of the time and thought that your organization has given to us both in the cost improvement area and the consistent level of service that we are receiving. Your organization has managed our portfolio as a true value added supplier. We at Nortel work hard to develop suppliers that provide a high level of value added expertise and quality products that will sustain our position as a world class supplier of wireless equipment.

Mr. Boykin, as president of this corporation, you are filling an important position. But it is also good men like Larry and Steve, giving of themselves in real service, who make your company great.


Earl Daly
Project Specialist Materials Re-Engineering
Wireless Networks Calgary